I am in the final year of my PhD at the Polish Academy of Sciences, under the supervision of Prof. Paweł Morawiecki. Currently, I am a visiting researcher at the Pervasive AI Lab with a great help of Prof. Vincenzo Lomonaco.
I received my MSc degree from Jagiellonian University co-supervised by Prof. Jacek Tabor and Dr Stanisław Jastrzębski. I also had a great time interning at the Nomagic company that works on pick-and-place robots.

My research focuses on Continual (Continuous or Lifelong) learning. I am also interested in meta, transfer and reinforcement learning, especially in the aspects they share. I found fascinating the ability of autonomous agents to make decisions for new or imperfect information. And I enjoy meeting smart artificial friends or foes in video games.

I prefer Python as my daily multy-purpose tool for it's simplicity and beauty of Zen (and don't forget about Pip/Conda). In coding I am following single-responsibility principle and referential transparency with minimal side-effects everywhere where it's fast, clean and makes sense. The spiritual side of my work is based on Unix philosophy.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or are interested in a research collaboration!

The Distilled Manifesto: Academic freedom comes first.

Research interests

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Of course, I have a deep faith in the supreme power of evolutionary algorithms.